Ephesians Study. Part 14. 5:1-13 (58 min)

Title: Ephesians Study. Part 14. 5:1-13 (58 min)
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Would love for you to continue with us through our study of Ephesians! This is part of an on-going series now being recorded in another location. Parts 1-13 were recorded in Poland. Parts 14 through the close of the series are being recorded in the United States. Bit of a break, but we’re back at it! Today, we’ll see Paul’s clear instructions to the church about the Christian manner of life in God. There is so much to learn here. He gives them- and thus us by extension- titles, parameters for saintly behavior and strong words about works and judgment, but he does it all in his warm appeal to sons and daughters of God in Christ. The Christian life produces common fruit in the lives of believers. Always has, always will. I pray you come to see God at work more in your life as a result of hearing his words here. God bless!

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