Advice To Song Leaders in the Church (17 min)

Title: Advice To Song Leaders in the Church (17 min)
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This is a message I would love for any song leader in any church to hear. Do we have a theology of music in the church? Should we? Are we singing just to sound good, or are we seeking more to sound good in the sight of our blessed and holy God who’s pleased by the praises of his church? I hope it’s the latter. It is a similar truth that just like pastors are not “professionals,” song leaders are not “performers.” We should have no “stages” in church. Does our music feed the righteous soul more than it entertains the ear? Are we more moved by how we sing than what we sing about? I want song leaders to have a sound theology of song because singing is a wonderful part of Christian worship as a collective body. “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord!” Psalm 150:6.

A link to the sermon mentioned in this message is below. It was preached by Pastor Matt Boswell on 7 May 19 at Parkside Church in Cleveland, OH, out of Psalm 96:1-3. It can help anyone to develop a theology of music in the church:

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