Acts Study (29 of 44). Chapter 16 (64 min)

Title: Acts Study (29 of 44). Chapter 16 (64 min)
Message Description:

Near the end of the last chapter, we saw Paul embark upon his secondary missionary trip. Here in chapter 16, he picks up both Timothy and Luke. We’ll see him and Silas viciously treated as they strive to bring the Gospel to the continent of Europe for the first time recorded for us in the church’s history. I’ll briefly show how God needs to open someone’s heart to believe the Gospel at any point as we see another example with Lydia where Luke speaks of it in exactly that way. Seeing the Apostles doing what they were sent to do is a wonderful way for us to familiarize ourselves with the message of Jesus Christ even today. I hope you’re blessed, educated and equipped by our study time today as you listen in.

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