Acts Study (13 of 44). 6:1-7 (50 min)

Title: Acts Study (13 of 44). 6:1-7 (50 min)
Message Description:

God builds communities. He made Eve for Adam. Since the Fall it’s families, covenant communities, and as a whole in time, the Nation of Israel long ago. Today, he has built the church in the fullness of the promises in this life. As the church first begins to develop here in Acts, its structures begin to develop. There is plenty of OC model for this. The Apostles themselves laid down certain guidelines for the church of the Lord Jesus Christ for its flourishing and strength. Here in our passage in Acts, we see this inspired wisdom at work. I call these listeners to obedience in the church. May you be blessed in your affections toward Jesus’ blessed universal church as you consider what happened.

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