Acts Study (10 of 44). 5:12-16 (45 min)

Title: Acts Study (10 of 44). 5:12-16 (45 min)
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Miracles are a massive part of the ministries of both Jesus and his Apostles. They walked in much the same power he did because he gave them the power to. Miraculous works are indispensable to the biblical record. Miracles happened, and also do happen today. We do not have apostolic miracles or “miracle workers” today in my opinion, but we do have the teachings of the Apostles and the records of the miracles that abundantly accompanied their ministries. God had a purpose in this. We’ll talk about miracles today from this section of Acts. We’ll talk a bit about the position or role of an Apostle as well. We’ll also talk about the Messianic Secret and the role miracles played in Jesus’ own ministry while in Israel in the first century. May God richly bless you as you join us in this workplace study.

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