Acts Study (6 of 44). 4:1-22 (64 min)

Title: Acts Study (6 of 44). 4:1-22 (64 min)
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Peter was given the amazing Gospel message and he boldly proclaimed it. He was a chosen disciple of Jesus Christ. Today, as we’re moving through the Book of Acts, I take a moment in the group to talk about the message of the Gospel itself. How it intersects with each of us when and wherever God finds us. It’s wise to do so in light of Peter’s message today. From his first sermon at Pentecost he is speaking for God God’s Gospel truth. There was a notable miracle done in chapter three. It led to the gathering of another crowd who saw a forty year old man healed. Now, filled with the Holy Spirit, Peter continues preaching in Jerusalem about Jesus. Not everyone appreciates the message. Remember, the same leaders who’d just murdered Jesus a month or so before this were still in charge. Peter says to them all that Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved. There is no other way to God than through the Cross! The universal problem of sin shows the universal solution of the Cross to be the answer for both Jews and Gentiles. Come on in and listen to a talk on this with us today.

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