Acts Study (38 of 44). 21:37-22:24 (49 min)

Title: Acts Study (38 of 44). 21:37-22:24 (49 min)
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Paul just ended his long third missionary trip (53-57). His arrest outside of the temple here in Jerusalem ~AD 57 will lead to a long period of waiting for trial for crimes he did not commit. As a Roman citizen, his appeal to Caesar for justice will bring him to Rome in just a few short years. Nero was in power in Rome by then (54-68). Paul will never get justice from such a man. Paul is said to have died at his hands ~AD 66 before Nero killed himself when his own people revolted against him. Today in our class, we’ll see some of the trials Paul experienced among his fellow countrymen back in Israel. He is a preacher of the Gospel to both Jews and Gentiles. Jesus had appeared to him many years before and overcome him. He walked in miracle power ever since. He had been chosen for the role. Everyone who knew him, and knew Jesus, knew it. We’ll see Paul make a defense for the Gospel here today. We’ll also consider how important it is for Paul that he be heard testifying to the fact that his Gospel is merely the outworking of God’s revealed worldwide plan from the beginning.

Today is also September 11th, so we’ll observe a brief moment of silence in honor of those who lost their lives.

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