Acts Study (35 of 44). 20:1-16 (72 min)

Title: Acts Study (35 of 44). 20:1-16 (72 min)
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Today, I get to field some great questions about biblical authorship and timeline, Sabbath keeping, calendar dating methods in history, and the relevance of the Old Covenant’s holiness code to believers today. Many of these questions from the group spring from what we see here in Acts 20. Most Christians today feel cornered by the shallow argumentation of many against the Bible in the way God separated Israel from the nations around her in Moses’ day and beyond in what they could wear, eat or dress like. I get to address it today. Do we, “Pick and choose” what we believe as Christians? The answer is no, not at all, and we’ll get to consider it together. Also, we’ll talk a bit about how the New Covenant does in fact differ from the Old Covenant, but that it is all one predetermined plan of God to accomplish his perfect will in the world. We’ll also see Paul moving back and forth from Asia Minor to Greece on his way back over toward Israel.

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