Acts Study (31 of 44). 17:16-34 (65 min)

Title: Acts Study (31 of 44). 17:16-34 (65 min)
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Here recently in Acts, we’ve seen the Gospel recorded in perhaps its first time in Europe. Paul, Silas, Timothy and the others are moving down through Macedonia into Greece on this, Paul’s second missionary journey. Paul is brought down to Athens after stirring up trouble as usual in Berea and today we pick up the narrative with him in Athens, the capitol city of Greece. Paul is preaching the Gospel to Greeks. No doubt he knew about Grecian culture all his life. He’s in the synagogue there, in the open marketplace and is then brought to the Areopagus or Mars Hill to share the Faith with the philosophers in the area. He speaks of Jesus’ Resurrection and their need of repentance. He quotes one of their own local philosophers to explain his message to his audience. Paul is bringing the same Gospel to new people. They needed it as much as we do today. What might Paul say in modern America? What idols do we have that may have provoked his soul as the idols in Athens did? We’ll talk about that and more today as we close out chapter 17. We’ll pick back up, Lord willing, on 31 Jul with chapter 18. I’m headed to Rome and Israel with my family this weekend.

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