Acts Study (26 of 44). 13:46-14:28 (58 min)

Title: Acts Study (26 of 44). 13:46-14:28 (58 min)
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As I study Acts each week in preparation for this study, I’m amazed at the yield it always brings to all of my consideration on the book. As I see Paul and Barnabas traveling here, I’m reminded of a hundred things that Paul’s epistles tell me about Jesus. Up to this point we’ve seen about 18 years elapsed on the pages that divinely record the first years of Christianity in the God’s-eye-view from Luke with Peter and Paul. Thousands of other disciples are preaching throughout the world by the time the events here in Acts 14 are taking place. This chapter chronicles some of Paul’s first missionary travels that went from about AD 46-48. I pray you’re blessed as you hear today about the Gospel Paul and Barnabas preached.

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