Acts Study (24 of 44). 13:1-26 (58 min)

Title: Acts Study (24 of 44). 13:1-26 (58 min)
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Today, we’ll see Luke make a primary shift in his narrative from the life and ministry of Peter, to that of Paul. We’ll see Peter again later, but only briefly. Peter became a minister in the city of Antioch and later dies in Rome. Paul’s official missionary journeys begin here in Acts 13. Antioch was an amazingly influential launch point for much of Christian history. We’ll get to see a bit of the message Paul preached in his travels as he and his companions sail off to Cyprus and traverse the island before moving up into Turkey. As always, we’ll see plenty of the theology that drove them to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ present in their dealings with others. May you appreciate the history and message of the church more as you listen in. God bless!

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