ARCHIVE OF June - 2023

25JUN 2023

Judgment and the Christian

Is it true that as Christians we’re not to judge anyone? We hear it all the time, right? “Judge not” people say. Everyone, no matter how worldly, seems to have studied this passage carefully. They’re like Jack Van Impe with it (some of you will get that). Are Christians called to judge anyone? Do only……..[Read More]

11JUN 2023

Understanding What Atonement Really Means

A set of ten-year-old fellas helped me see the Gospel a hundred times clearer this week. I wanted to share some initially processed thoughts as a result. As I began to share with them how Jesus’ Cross is a ransom for sinners, a boy named Andrew said, “I don’t think anyone should be able to……..[Read More]

08JUN 2023

Seeing and Believing

God’s salvation does not depend on seeing a thing. Life itself is an invisible force. No one can invent even a grain of sand from nothing. It’s all just here by divine fiat. Not a single human eye saw the heavens and the earth materialize, yet it’s all present. Think of just how few people……..[Read More]