ARCHIVE OF August - 2012

25AUG 2012

Two great acts

              In the Scriptures the two greatest deliverances that God performed were the Exodus of the Old Testament and Christ’s work on Calvary in the New Testament. The first was a type. The second was the anti-type.   Both were perfectly accomplished. Both were to be remembered perpetually. Both were done while the people……..[Read More]

19AUG 2012

By grace alone

       Due to several recent discussions and debates I’ve had this month, I’ve again been pouring over the doctrines of election in Scripture. I once hated the Biblical idea of God’s sovereignty. I detested any theology that taught that God decides who goes to heaven and who goes to hell. Reader, I can……..[Read More]

11AUG 2012

Help Thou my un-hiddenness

       Jesus called John the Baptist the greatest prophet and man of all those who’d gone before him, Luke 7:28. What a tribute! In Israel, John was sent ahead of Jesus to fulfill his predestined role in redemptive history, Malachi 3:1; cf. Matthew 11:10. He was sent to call the nation to repentance……..[Read More]

05AUG 2012

Truth over tempo

       I am currently between churches as I write this due to a move. We’re looking. Two great tools to use for this by the way are the IX Marks website church search, and the Master's Seminary alumni search. I went to a new church today. I am left, among other things, considering……..[Read More]