ARCHIVE OF May - 2012

30MAY 2012

Thank God for Regeneration

             Regeneration is another word for the new birth. I believe that regeneration is best described in John 3:8 when Jesus says that it’s like the wind. “The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it, but do not know where it comes from and where……..[Read More]

20MAY 2012

Truth and love

       Love is the driving force and guiding light in the Christian religion. Without it, every doctrine, every effort and every conviction becomes absurd. There are many among us, either by action or omission, who pervert love by declaring it free to accept everything the world wishes, but this isn’t love. We love……..[Read More]

12MAY 2012

A question about dominionism

           On 8 May Stacey W. asked:        “Sitting up researching the other night I came across a blog talking about "dominionism". The claim made by the blogger is that the new Calvinism and the emergent movement is really "dominionism." He specifically named John Piper as being part of……..[Read More]

07MAY 2012

The greater and the lesser lights

       Truth is necessary for salvation. A man can no more believe in a Jesus in whom he has not heard (Romans 10:14) than he can be saved by a false one, Matthew 24:5. Truth is found in all saved people. It is propositional truth that serves as the baseline for the right……..[Read More]