Acts Study (25 of 44). 13:27-45 (61 min)

Title: Acts Study (25 of 44). 13:27-45 (61 min)
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The Apostles knew they were continuing the revelation of God in the testament of Jesus Christ. They knew that God had fully revealed his plan for humanity in the person of Jesus, and in his Cross. They preached that message boldly to the end. They were filled with the Holy Spirit, and spoke as men illumined by him in their understanding of all that the prophets and the Law had told Israel was coming. They knew who Jesus was and why he did what he did. Do you? Paul’s going to tell you today. We’ll join him again on his first missionary journey with Barnabas and hear their talk to some folks in and around a synagogue in Asia Minor. We’ll consider today the grand sweep of Scripture in its foretelling of all that came to pass in the suffering of Jesus. Acts is the inspired record of the birth of the church and its message to the world for decades after Jesus’ earthly ministry was finished. The light has dawned. We’ve known ever since. We want to tell you all about it. God bless.

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