Romans Study. 2018. Part 9. 4:9-12

Title: Romans Study. 2018. Part 9. 4:9-12
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Today, we continue our study of Romans. We left off weeks ago in 4:8. Today, we begin with 4:9 to continue through the book together. Paul lays out the justification of God in Christ as patterned from the start of the Abrahamic covenant itself. Abraham was credited righteousness prior to all of his works. There were many works he did, but they all came post the imputation of righteousness that Paul intentionally makes so much of here. Prior to the quintessential sign of circumcision, Abraham was granted the righteousness of faith that Paul wrote of toward the close of chapter three. We realize why and how in the New Covenant more than even he understood, but Abraham was just as saved by Jesus’ work in the world as anyone today could be. Paul drives home the point that God did not save Abraham (credit him righteousness) because he was circumcised. No. Instead, Abraham was circumcised because he was saved. This matters because it’s the seekers of Jesus who find this true in their own lives as well. Salvation is not by works. It is not by cooperation. It is by grace. By the end of the chapter we’ll see the direct parallels of “faith alone” between us and Abraham drawn fully to a close in Christ. The crediting of righteousness is literally the forgiveness of sin, vv. 7-8, and the very promise of fellowship with God himself. Paul is presenting the world with the Gospel. All who believe in the promise of the Son, and his work on the Cross, are imputed Jesus’ righteousness apart from all their works. This is how God justifies sinners. Just as Abraham believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness, so it will be with all who believe the promises of the Son today.

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