Romans Study. 2018. Part 8. 4:1-8

Title: Romans Study. 2018. Part 8. 4:1-8
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Romans four is perhaps the most extraordinary chapter in all of the Bible for me. As we begin examining it today, we’ll find the doctrine of imputation being laid out by Paul. Abraham found a righteousness with God. It was the same righteousness David also found with God much later. It was the same righteousness Paul understood more fully than both of them combined, and who began to define it near the end of Romans 3 in light of the sin he so thoroughly spoke of in the chapters preceding. What Abraham found is what we must find today as well to be delivered from death, the righteousness of faith. The righteousness which comes by faith and faith alone. It is that same righteousness we have who today trust in Christ alone. It is a perfect righteousness we have from God. It is Jesus’ own righteousness that we share in. It is perfect and perfecting. We can only get this righteousness by belief in the promise of the Gospel. By such faith alone we can be saved. The Christian religion is based upon a righteousness entirely apart from one’s works. We’ll begin to see this today. After tonight’s class we’re going to have to stop for numerous reasons. We’ll pick the class back up, God willing, in October. See you then.

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