Romans Study. 2018. Part 7. 3:21-31

Title: Romans Study. 2018. Part 7. 3:21-31
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The grace of God has been fully revealed in Scripture. The Bible is God’s self-revelation of that to the world. It is written for all who seek after him by faith. It is rich, cogent and exhaustively precise. Mankind needs a Savior. All of us. This letter is telling us about how that Savior saves through faith alone. When we understand the righteousness of faith it changes everything. We must see the necessity of a gracious justification. When we do we can begin to see the Cross in all its glory. There is no boasting in Christianity of what we have done. Only what Jesus has done for us. All of our works are to adorn our trust in him alone. This is what we will begin to see here as we continue through this amazing text. I’m not sure exactly what happened with the audio feed here, but it is audible.

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