Romans Study. 2018. Part 6. 3:1-20

Title: Romans Study. 2018. Part 6. 3:1-20
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Mankind’s Fall in Adam is laid out without remedy for us in chapters one and two of this letter. It is a truly ugly picture. At times throughout human history surely some times looked much worse than others, but the problem of sin is at work in each generation. We must not be ignorant of the dominant reality of sin and rebellion in the world. No one can be after studying these many words. For the church this knowledge is indubitably needed as God’s people look to understand the Cross. The problem of sin exists over the whole of humanity. As we move into chapter three, so as to leave no doubt, Paul demonstrates that the sin problem of mankind exists over all without exception. God speaks of it in terms we might not. He shows the true wickedness behind sin. What we may call “mistakes” he calls “the poison of asps.” What we might call “imperfections” God says shows we have “no fear of God”. It is an ugly picture. God’s anthropology shows that man has a problem he himself cannot remedy. The heart of the problem is the problem of the heart. God, however, will redeem many from sin. God is not duplicitous. God is not capricious. God is not unjust. God is God. We must be about learning of him if we’re wise. Paul wants us to consider sin well as we move soon to consider the righteousness of God in light of it all. The Gospel diamond is seen best against the velvet black backdrop of sin.

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