Romans Study. 2018. Part 3. 1:24-32

Title: Romans Study. 2018. Part 3. 1:24-32
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As we continue through Romans we’ll see the results of God’s judgment upon a people long ago. This builds into Paul’s overall argument in the first three chapters of the letter. The church, in the midst of any people, even like a Daniel in Babylon, must always be the church. The world will sadly always be the world, but the church must not be caught up with it. We are those entrusted with the word of God. We must obey the orders of the governments in which we live. We do this as unto God because those governments are ordained by God. We must be obedient in all possible ways. While we live according to the laws of the land, the church must also always remain allegiant to God in the midst of any culture in what it teaches and practices. The letters of Scripture are written to churches in the midst of numerous cultures. Today, its readers find themselves in the same position as the original readers. God calls us all to be faithful wherever we are. Loving to all and faithful. Love never fails.

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