Romans Study. 2018. Part 13. 5:1-2

Title: Romans Study. 2018. Part 13. 5:1-2
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You’ll hear the batteries in one of the microphones die within a second of the class beginning today, but the back-up mic across the room still picked up okay. Sorry about that. Today, we’ll zero in on verses 1-2 of Romans 5 as it will wonderfully encapsulate an entire wrap-up of Romans 4, and in fact the first part of this magnificent letter. “Justification” is our doctrine of salvation in a principle way. What does it mean to say one actually has, “Peace with God?” To say that one has been justified? What does it mean when Paul says he’s, “Been justified by faith?” It means a great deal. Someone being justified is to say that someone has been removed from the penalties of sin in the life to come completely. It can be nothing else. What a remarkable truth this is that if someone has Jesus, they have complete reconciliation with God through the Cross. Paul hinted at the Gospel back in chapter one. He then detailed the problem of SIN in chapters one, two and three. His main point from Romans 3:21 through 5:2 has been the full explanation of the grace of God at work with his people since the beginning. The message of the Gospel is the completion of God’s course material on salvation in history. He’ll weave back in numerous ideas through Romans to return to the many truths visited in chapters one to four, but we’re already seeing some remarkable truths laid out for us in this masterful work of God.

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