Romans 3

Title: Romans 3
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We’re going through Romans from chapter one on.

God is detailing for us the problem of all mankind before he details how the gospel makes any difference in any of us. As we arrive here in chapter three, Paul’s already laid out for us the empirical evidence of man’s devastating sin problem. Sin is everywhere. And it’s not just on the periphery. It isn’t that most of the world is good in God’s eyes, or even that some of the world is. Sin places all of the children of Adam under God’s righteous judgment. Romans 1-3 shows us the pervasiveness of sin in the world. The Romans only need to look around to see that their culture is under the sway of sin. Sweeping summary statements in this chapter show us the universality of mankind’s devolving sin issue, and move us, I hope, to ask: what then can be done? Who can be saved? Mankind needs deliverance from the sin we’re very far under. How? How did God do it? How could God do it? Paul already said in chapter one that the gospel is for all people. That it is for both Jews and Gentiles alike. We need to understand why we all need that gospel. The law must precede the gospel. We must first understand the problem in order to understand the solution. We must understand what sin has done to us. That’s why Paul begins with it.

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