John 6 And 17

Title: John 6 And 17
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Consistency in theology is the distinct advantage of the Reformed position. No other system of theology is as consistent with the whole of the Bible. None I’m aware of. When I first began to study the Bible, I was very soon confronted about Jesus’ teaching on the sovereignty of God in John 6. It was just too clear. I did not like what he was saying there because I needed a lot of correction in it. It was the addition of John 6 to John 17 and Romans 9 that changed my life forever. Jesus’ teaching on his sovereignty in election is no less offensive to people today than it was to the non-believers in his day. I want to walk through John 6 with you. I want to under gird it with a quick reading of John 17 as well. I pray it’s a blessing to you.

The attached slide show (slide 10 specifically) contains the slide mentioned several times in the video. The slideshow is part of a predestination study I did on FOB Shank, Afghanistan in 2011. That “Predestination Study” is currently audio messages #135-149 (in the audio section) if you’d like to listen to it all. The slides came specifically from message #135: “Predestination Study. Class 1, part 1 of 3. Introduction. Romans 8,28-30. 26 Aug 11. (65 min).

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