Imputed Righteousness

Title: Imputed Righteousness
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You never grow beyond the gospel as a Christian. The Gospel of Jesus Christ has been both faithfully preached and perverted in many ways in 2,000 years. Both Jesus and his Apostles told us plainly that this would be the case until Jesus comes again. It’s the church’s job to stand on the wall in every generation until then and keep watch against the false “other gospels”. Each church has its responsibility to do so to its people. Its elders, its pastors, its teachers, etc. As the church has crawled, walked and run throughout her history, some of us have lost a proper focus on the teaching of Scripture while others among us, by God’s grace, only sharpened their pencils to more elaborately proclaim it. Preaching the whole counsel of God is often a matter of combining simplicity with sublimity. The gospel is very simple. “Repent and believe the good news.” However, when it gets perverted and must be defended against another view it becomes compounded in its answers both toward the truth and against that lie. It gets complicated therefore. Terms must come to the fore. Various other doctrines on God and man must sometimes be weighed against it. Ideas get added to others to distinguish truth from error. History must be consulted. Confessions are written. In the church, this is literally as old as Acts 15 and the Jerusalem Council. When the gospel gets perverted ten more times in six more ways, the church’s expression of it becomes even more compounded in its focus on the truth and its refutation of those new lies. The gospel itself never changes. It only needs to be refined against more who’d have us change it. The doctrine of imputed righteousness is the gospel. The Reformers of the sixteenth century were on the wall. Their teachings on it were true only because the doctrine of imputed righteousness has always been the gospel. Christ himself is the gospel. It is he who teaches it. It is “his righteousness” we are taught to properly love and trust in. Very soon I’ll be sending out a much more comprehensive letter on this same topic that I hope you’ll check out. God bless.

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