Expository Preaching

Title: Expository Preaching
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If you were to only catch say the second half of a really good book or movie, would you really know the whole story line? Think of the Bible in its entirety like that. If we just had the New Covenant’s 27 books we’d hardly understand what they meant without the 39 books of the Old Covenant to tell us. Under this macro-level truth, each letter serves as a microcosm of the whole. God inspired roughly 40 wildly varying individuals to write “Scripture” over about a 1,500 year time period. In any given section of their writings there’s a general flow to their thoughts. The ideas in chapter two generally follow from chapter one, etc. They weren’t in trances. They didn’t get taken over in some sort of automatic writing. They were real people writing in real history about real events. We are not smarter than God since. We don’t have “new needs” under heaven even though in many ways we may have new questions. Each point they delivered in their writings is delivered in such a way that their writings take on a transcendence of wisdom and instruction unlike anything else ever written. Their words are God’s words. We need to get under their intended purposes in writing their letters. In doing this alone can we find the treasure that is the biblical revelation. This is the task of the preacher- expository preaching. Topical style preaching is very warranted at times, but my hope and prayer is that preachers would see the need for a faithful and steady diet for the word as it was delivered 1) to its original audiences, and thus, only thus, for 2) us as well today.


The video I play in this presentation is from Pastor John Piper here: https://youtu.be/cd0KZvyZoxo. You can find it with a YouTube keyword search: “John Piper what is preaching”.

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