Ephesians Study. Part 7. 2:19-3:7

Title: Ephesians Study. Part 7. 2:19-3:7
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Oh, the glorious sureties of Christ! What a foundation! What a sure hope we have who trust in Christ and Christ alone. Christianity is not blind. It is the illuminated man’s confession. It is true religion. I pray that our material today takes you beyond the basics as we consider God’s words together. We’re trying to get through Ephesians together by January. Please pardon the needed size of our selected passages at times. I pray you’re greatly blessed as you join us today. Once this series is finished, the messages will be placed back to back in order.

The weekly Q&A time begins at 1hr:14 minutes today, just after the sermon. Our questions today deal with living out our faith in today’s world, the age of the universe, Darwinian evolution and one or two more questions pertaining unto these if I remember correctly so stick around.

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