Ephesians Study. Part 6. 2:11-18

Title: Ephesians Study. Part 6. 2:11-18
Message Description:

Who could possibly do the kind of work Paul speaks of in Ephesians? Who’s big enough to literally fix earth? Only Christ can do the work that’s spoken of here. He alone is non-negotiable. Christ reconciling both Jews and Gentiles to God is a major theme of the New Testament. We’ll see a bit about this together today. When a person has Jesus, they are connected to the entirety of God’s promises and covenants through the New Covenant. Understanding this is part of coming into the believer’s rich inheritance. I so very much want people to experience the peace that comes with the truth of Christ’s reconciliation. Today’s passage is a huge part of understanding just how far God’s work in us has gone to produce that. There’s unfortunately no video today due to a video recording failure on my part. Sorry about that. There was some video, but I decided to cut it out. The audio was captured and will still be made available as well for anyone streaming as such. Next week, Lord willing, we should be back to having video. Once this series is finished, the messages will be placed back to back in order.

The weekly Q&A time begins at about an hour today, just after the sermon.

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Lastly, because the slides may help others in presentations similar (and also because the video wasn’t recorded) I’ve decided to attach the slides today. They’re available on both the audio and video pages of the site.


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