Ephesians 1 And 2

Title: Ephesians 1 And 2
Message Description:

The letter to the Ephesians is amazing. Right off the bat, just as Paul is praying for a church doing well to grow in the knowledge of their salvation in Jesus he gives them the ultimate cause for their salvation. By extension he speaks to the church in every generation. He meticulously roots them in God’s eternal election as the cause for their faith. Paul deals with election as a blessed thing, not as a subject of dread. He also explains to them what their situation was before they were sealed in the Holy Spirit. We see that this church’s profession is befitting those who’ve been saved. He commends them by affirming their lifestyle witness to the gospel of God’s unmerited grace. When Paul talks about the grace whereby we’ve been saved, his ultimate reason for saying it is made abundantly clear here in that it’s because he sees grace as God’s electing grace. It brings men to believe; it brings dead men to life. We’ll be going over Ephesians 1-2:10. I sincerely pray that it’s a blessing.

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