ELBC Evangelism Class. Session 3

Title: ELBC Evangelism Class. Session 3
Message Description:

There is no gift of evangelism. Obedience to the command of Christ to go and make disciples is an evidence of grace. The Baptist Faith and Message, in section XI, calls it “…a spiritual necessity of the regenerate life.” There is no one way to share the gospel. In this class we’re going to be talking about the great task, examining it from Scripture, and see practical and biblical ways to witness and share your faith. You will know what to do. We’ll also look at some very sound resources for evangelism and future study.
In our class we’ll examine:
1) The sinner’s present condition-
To consider their responses and why we should witness at all.
2) God’s sovereignty in salvation-
To Biblically understand where responsibility lies in us and them.
3) Jesus’ evangelistic presentations-
To see the principles He employed in His preaching.
4) We’ll examine the law of Moses and the gospel-
To effect sound evangelism.
5) What we should expect-

When things go well and when things go bad in our witnessing.

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