ELBC Evangelism Class. Session 10

Title: ELBC Evangelism Class. Session 10
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With this class we close our brief examination of evangelism. Soul winning is the very thing that all Christians should be about in their daily lives. It is the highest honor. It is what we should pray, study and labor towards improving upon as believers. We may be called to bear witness of Christ before strangers, family, friends, co-workers and whoever else the Lord may place us around at any given moment; we must be ready to answer. It is not acceptable to “leave it up to others.” All of us must shine in the world. Our lives are witnesses to God’s grace, yes, but our words are needed for others to be saved. Go to www.livingwaters.com, wretchedradio.com, or wayofthemaster.com anytime to discover more excellent ways to share the faith. I pray that these classes have helped you in some small way to tell others about the hope that Christ brings.

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