The Determinism of Most Christians Today

Title: The Determinism of Most Christians Today
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It’s been my experience that many Christians today are quite comfortable with an entirely fixed universe…so long as God didn’t fix it. They are what I’d call “non-theistic determinists”. They’re very deterministic, but God is not at the center of why they are. The problems with such an often not at all fully articulated ideology are enormous. I rarely meet anyone who would deny that God has infallible knowledge of the universe in its every detail. But where did that knowledge come from? How did the universe “get fixed”so that God could now or then know of it? When was it fixed? Can what’s seemingly fixed be changed by contingencies? If so, how? What is the relationship between God’s will and man’s will? Do we let the Bible speak for itself regarding both and then properly harmonize the two? These are some of the things I’d like to talk about today.

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