Colossians Study. 4:5-11. Part 2

Title: Colossians Study. 4:5-11. Part 2
Message Description:

Our lifestyle before the church and even the world is very important. We are to live worthy of the calling we’ve been given in Christ. Paul reminds them of this in some very subtle yet effective words here that apply to each member of the church in every generation. As we move to close out this book in the next few weeks we’ll see several people mentioned, greeted, or commended by Paul, and we’ll talk a little bit about each of them. Many of the men mentioned here would otherwise never be heard of, but we owe the spread of the gospel to them. The historical couching of the New Covenant comes across through this in many ways. It reminds us that the Bible is first true in history. It is true first in its history and then also as theology. It involved real people in real places.

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