Colossians Study. 3:5-11. Part 2

Title: Colossians Study. 3:5-11. Part 2
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Happy Thanksgiving! We had some sound issues this morning so it may sound a bit different today. There are a lot of “therefore” statements in these passages because believers need to see how each truth mentioned relates to our lives in the ways mentioned. They are deductive statements. Because Christ did A…therefore we do B, etc. We’ll talk a bit about sanctification again as Paul outlines it for us. Struggles (or our wars with sin) meet us differently in our lives as believers. Sometimes very differently! This is even true between different generations. We’ll look at a struggle with sin in the 4th Century in the life of a man named Alypius, one of Augustine’s pals. It is the same gospel, however, that changes us all into the image no matter where or when we live as members of the church. By faith, God has given us what Paul calls, “A new man”. This is a new spiritual image revealed in us in Scripture. It is this new image we’re after as disciples. It is the new image God has given of humanity in Christ. All of this is part of today’s class.

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