Colossians Study. 2:6-10. Part 4

Title: Colossians Study. 2:6-10. Part 4
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Today we’ll conclude our examination of Colossians 2:6-10. We’re actually only in vv. 8-10 since we covered vv. 6-8 last week in parts one and two. In our day and age, as in every day and age, there are, “Competing truths” against the teachings of Jesus Christ. The Colossians were warned of them, and each generation of believers has received similar warning. Being rooted and grounded in the doctrine of Christ means being able to recognize and refute all false opinion. We’ll talk about this in our lives today in seeing what Paul wrote to the Colossians thousands of years ago. We’ll talk a bit about the place of philosophy and apologetics as well.

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