Title: Abortion
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The truth of God, when loved, turns the heart against injustice. Jesus, and the whole of the biblical revelation, and not any generation in any zip code on earth, is always that standard’s final model and judge. Those turned by Jesus’ grace are compelled to graciousness. To “love our neighbors as ourselves.” Children of all ages need people to get angry about abortion today. Fuming mad and fiercely introspective. At the Cross, we need to work to see each other. It’s not about restricting freedom; it’s about life. It’s also not about “changing the world.” It’s about manning our own dinner tables, ladies and gentlemen. In the United States alone, we have slaughtered over 60,000,000 babies to date “legally” since the 1970’s because we don’t do this. Politicians aren’t the only problem. We are. They’re a symptom of cultural disease as much as they could ever be a source of it. We all should and must repent. Even if you deny Jesus, abortion is a civil issue that confronts us all as citizens of a “free nation.” Murder (cold-blooded, premeditated homicide or contract killing) clearly ought to be illegal everywhere and at any age of someone’s life. If we peel back the layers, we see that abortion isn’t just about what happens after a pregnancy begins. It’s principally about the kind of sexual looseness in culture that leads to a state of helplessness when pregnancy occurs. It’s boys and girls not ready to be men and women, but doing what only husbands and wives should in sex with abortion facilitating evil like government bailouts do for the uber-wealthy. Kids aren’t a curse, dear reader. Kids aren’t the end of someone’s life. A culture that says so is sick to its core. I pray that all Christian parents would learn both to model and teach their kids what it means to love and support each other, raising them up in the Faith. That’s an on-going part of the work of the church in every generation. We all need each other for this.

This video seeks to expose some of the terrible realities of the proud culture of death in America. Yes, this culture of death is presently linked to the political party of death, the modern Democrat Party in the US. This video seeks to give a somewhat detailed response to one pro-choice argument. I pray it’s a conviction to many, an offense to others (who need to be offended), sickening to all (who perhaps don’t see what’s happening), and an encouragement to those who know that they’ll stand before God free of the blood of these kids by their lives and witness against the murder of innocent humans. I pray that future generations look back on our current cultural leaders as reprehensible failures like we today look back at the Nazi Party. May anyone watching this have kids that remember their parents on the right side of history in this matter. Abortion is murder. No one can deny it.

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