30JUN 2013

A Simple Yet Not So Simple Illustration

  In Isaiah 55:9 we read, “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts.” Now this passage, according to vv. 7-8 is not written to the righteous, but rather to the wicked. Nonetheless there is truth to it for the righteous of……..[Read More]

23JUN 2013

Weak for a Reason

  There are what we call, “Means of grace” available to every believer. One of the greatest mysteries to me regarding my faith is just how this sanctification exactly works. Whenever I enter into contemplation on the idea I must confess an overwhelming sense of loss of any ability to comprehend it. How far can……..[Read More]

15JUN 2013

Christ Our Faith

       Without the Person of Jesus there is no Christianity! No one could replace Him as the proponent of The Way. Any other "prophet" could've founded any other system of religion, but Christianity could not have been started or endure with anyone but God the Son Himself. Jesus, in His very nature even……..[Read More]

02JUN 2013

The Revival of Lazarus

       The revival of Lazarus from the dead found in John 11:1-44 is incalculably rich in its display of power and truth for Jesus. It is an incredible story. It was not at all random. Its grandeur never even entered into the minds of the people present. No one had the wherewithal to……..[Read More]

26MAY 2013

Mountains and Valleys

  I haven’t written to you in a bit due to some difficult but necessary website upgrades. Please pardon the absence.      I greatly mean to encourage anyone reading this by writing these devotionals. One ditch many fall into is the idea that the Christian life is always supposed to be some great mountaintop of……..[Read More]

03MAY 2013

Dead Men Now Alive

Picture an exhausted man treading water in a torrent a mile upstream from sure death. Along comes a boat to rescue him. The rescue workers, despite their best efforts, have only six feet of rope. The problem is that he’s nine feet down from the side. Even with everyone’s outstretched arms there’s still several inches……..[Read More]

27APR 2013

Peter and Judas

Here’s an excerpt from a book I’m writing:      Can I honestly say that God “wants” Judas Iscariot saved in the same way He wants Peter saved? I can’t. Peter would betray Jesus. He was warned, Luke 22:31-32. He was restored, John 21:15-17. Judas was given no such warning, and no restoration was sought.……..[Read More]

21APR 2013

Love is of God

  1 John 4:7 reads, “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God.”       How can love be so simply and surely identified? How is it that the Apostle John can say in a blanket statement that “everyone” who loves……..[Read More]

14APR 2013

The Effects of Unlimited Atonement

  There is a form of Christianity that ultimately bases all of its hopes of salvation on the flesh. It contains the idea that demands a man’s “free-will” be the deciding factor in salvation. It is the idea that Jesus did only “His part” regarding one’s salvation and now seeks men who will do “Their……..[Read More]

07APR 2013

Why I Love Confessions of Faith

       When I read a solid church’s confession of faith I find in it a 1 Corinthians 13 kind of labor of love. This is true even with ones that I would call Christian, but not necessarily statements that reflect my own understanding of the Christian religion. Confessions of faith are never “easy”……..[Read More]

02APR 2013

All Sin is not the Same

       I’ve heard a lot of people say that, “All sin is the same. There’s no big sin or little sin in God’s sight.” I think I understand why they say it, but this is not correct except in one thing – that all sin, if not forgiven in Christ, condemns us. Whatever it……..[Read More]

23MAR 2013

Our Utter Dependency

  Voddie Baucham well said, “The nail in the coffin of the evangelical church is that of self-sufficiency.” The moment a pastor feels that he can teach simply because he has learned or attended seminary is the moment his ministry takes a turn for uselessness or mere showmanship. We are not self-sufficient as NT ministers.……..[Read More]

18MAR 2013

God Equips

Scripture speaks of itself as able to make believers fully equipped for every Christian work, 2 Timothy 3:16-17. We’re informed of what we need to do honorable Christian ministry in every facet of it by Holy Scripture. We don’t need some subsequent baptism post salvation or any higher level empowering. In Christ, all we need……..[Read More]

10MAR 2013

What Saves

  Here’s one way the Bible presents the gospel: “Brethren, I declare to you the gospel which I preached to you, which also you received and in which you stand, by which also you are saved, if you hold fast that word which I preached to you—unless you believed in vain. For I delivered to you first……..[Read More]

02MAR 2013


     Synergism, in theological terms, is the idea that God and man work together in salvation. Greek: Syn (plural) ergo (work). The word synergism is a composite that essentially means, “The work of two or more.” Think of words like synthetic, synoptic or synthesis and you see the same plural idea. The word synergism……..[Read More]

23FEB 2013

Why Water Baptism Matters

       Whatever confusion may arise in a person’s life regarding the ordinance of water baptism, we should never, ever interpret this commandment as something that leads to salvation. Water baptism does not remove sin any more than the Lord’s Supper or any other act of obedience. Let any who teach it as a requirement for……..[Read More]

16FEB 2013

A Question about Those Who Have Not Heard

On 14 Feb, Chris H. asked:  “The people who die in the jungle who’ve never heard of Jesus can still live a good life. What about them? Will they go to hell?”   Response: Adam and Eve were good people (Genesis 1:31) before they sinned. Nowhere in the Bible are their kids called good. I’ve……..[Read More]

10FEB 2013

Sheep are Sheep. The Shepherd is the Shepherd.

       Study God’s word and other students of it. Pray, fast, fellowship, serve, work diligently with your hands, love your God first, your spouse and your family. Love your enemies as well. Do all these things and prove yourself till death by them as to their being your truest joys.      Do……..[Read More]

03FEB 2013

The Will of Man Cannot Be Forced Into Salvation

       The will of man unto salvation is never forced by God. Yet man also has no share or active role in being born again. Tough? I’d like to try to clear some of this up today without writing too much. (I know. Minor miracle right)?      First, I believe that the will……..[Read More]

28JAN 2013


       There are many types of universalism. One, the most commonly thought of today, is called “Unitarian Universalism.” These are the folks that believe that, “All roads lead to God.” To them, God is in favor of all religious expression (not really, but they'll claim it up front). To them there are almost no limits.……..[Read More]

21JAN 2013

A Question about Why I Do Not Believe in Atheists

On 15 Jan 13, Christopher R., a professing atheist, asked me to explain why I don’t believe in atheists. Response:   Oh, let me count just eleven of a thousand ways…        I’ll begin with the wisdom that no professing atheist could hope to comprehend. To some this may appear imprudent. To those……..[Read More]

12JAN 2013


  Four combined truths, then an application-        Truth #1: Jesus said to His disciples in Matthew 6:8: “…Your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him.” God knows full well what is best for us. He is molding each of His own for His own purposes and precisely directs the……..[Read More]

05JAN 2013


     Love is for the mature. St. Paul describes love as an absolutely indispensable part of the Christian faith. In 1 Corinthians 13:13 he speaks of it as the greatest of the great. It is a gift that Scripture says has been shed abroad in our hearts by God, Romans 5:5. After all of……..[Read More]

31DEC 2012

A Question About the Word of Faith Religion

  On 20 Dec, Jennifer C. Asked:        Her question is abbreviated here. She had read my letters on the Word of Faith Religion and, though in agreement with most of it, took respectful issue with my inclusion of one name I had cited. Commenting, she wrote: "…The shocker was when I read……..[Read More]