ARCHIVE OF September - 2023

23SEP 2023

How We Hold the Word Matters

“It is written” is a phrase that should mean as much to us today as it did to Jesus before his death. We can and should learn to believe this and even quote it in our lives as things arise. Jesus held a view of inspiration that you and I should learn to hold. Jesus……..[Read More]

10SEP 2023

Simeon, My Favorite Flat Character in the Bible

A flat character in theater is a character that lacks complexity or depth. We’re not given much detail on them. You might have heard the term “supporting actor.” Some supporting actors have a huge impact on a story, while others may have very little. We hear of the man Simeon only once in the word,……..[Read More]

03SEP 2023

The Main Point

“For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes.” Romans 10:4. The word translated “end” here is the Greek word “Telos” (τέλος). The word does not have a massive semantic domain, meaning it isn’t translated in too many ways, but it does have a few ways it can be translated in English. One way it’s used……..[Read More]