ARCHIVE OF February - 2013

23FEB 2013

Why Water Baptism Matters

       Whatever confusion may arise in a person’s life regarding the ordinance of water baptism, we should never, ever interpret this commandment as something that leads to salvation. Water baptism does not remove sin any more than the Lord’s Supper or any other act of obedience. Let any who teach it as a requirement for……..[Read More]

16FEB 2013

A Question about Those Who Have Not Heard

On 14 Feb, Chris H. asked:  “The people who die in the jungle who’ve never heard of Jesus can still live a good life. What about them? Will they go to hell?”   Response: Adam and Eve were good people (Genesis 1:31) before they sinned. Nowhere in the Bible are their kids called good. I’ve……..[Read More]

10FEB 2013

Sheep are Sheep. The Shepherd is the Shepherd.

       Study God’s word and other students of it. Pray, fast, fellowship, serve, work diligently with your hands, love your God first, your spouse and your family. Love your enemies as well. Do all these things and prove yourself till death by them as to their being your truest joys.      Do……..[Read More]

03FEB 2013

The Will of Man Cannot Be Forced Into Salvation

       The will of man unto salvation is never forced by God. Yet man also has no share or active role in being born again. Tough? I’d like to try to clear some of this up today without writing too much. (I know. Minor miracle right)?      First, I believe that the will……..[Read More]