ARCHIVE OF January - 2013

28JAN 2013


       There are many types of universalism. One, the most commonly thought of today, is called “Unitarian Universalism.” These are the folks that believe that, “All roads lead to God.” To them, God is in favor of all religious expression (not really, but they'll claim it up front). To them there are almost no limits.……..[Read More]

21JAN 2013

A Question about Why I Do Not Believe in Atheists

On 15 Jan 13, Christopher R., a professing atheist, asked me to explain why I don’t believe in atheists. Response:   Oh, let me count just eleven of a thousand ways…        I’ll begin with the wisdom that no professing atheist could hope to comprehend. To some this may appear imprudent. To those……..[Read More]

12JAN 2013


  Four combined truths, then an application-        Truth #1: Jesus said to His disciples in Matthew 6:8: “…Your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him.” God knows full well what is best for us. He is molding each of His own for His own purposes and precisely directs the……..[Read More]

05JAN 2013


     Love is for the mature. St. Paul describes love as an absolutely indispensable part of the Christian faith. In 1 Corinthians 13:13 he speaks of it as the greatest of the great. It is a gift that Scripture says has been shed abroad in our hearts by God, Romans 5:5. After all of……..[Read More]