ARCHIVE OF September - 2012

30SEP 2012

A Question about Justification and its Effects

  On 25 Sep, Elvin P. Asked,        “…Doesn’t the Protestant doctrine of a justification which is by faith alone lead a man to live in any way he chooses? When someone believes they’re completely forgiven, doesn’t it make them lazy or presumptuous upon God’s mercy?”   Response:    "Come and hear, all you who……..[Read More]

22SEP 2012


       Immediately after Jesus’ water baptism the Bible says He was, “…Led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil,” Matthew 4:1. Reading on it says that He, "…Fasted forty days and forty nights…” Matthew 4:2. Forty days in a desert without food or water! I’ve never been to Israel, but men have……..[Read More]

16SEP 2012

A Question About Infants Who Die

On 15 Sep, Chad W. asked:      “What is the Biblical response on the subject of where a child, infant or stillborn goes if they die?”   Response:      Bottom line up front, dear brother: The Bible does not give us a definitive answer. The answer is, however, proffered in several ways, and that……..[Read More]

15SEP 2012

A Message from Leviticus

       Many people begin reading the Bible with a lot of zeal. Genesis is often quickly devoured. Exodus is pretty good. It’s at Leviticus that people often give up. The reason is because its contents are very foreign to us. All of the ceremonial ritualism, rites performed by the priests and its other……..[Read More]

08SEP 2012

Miracles and Providence

       The illustrious power to perform miracles is a legacy that should be protected in the church. It’s no show. Those who truly performed them were from God, John 3:2; 9:32-33. There is a difference between God’s providence in our lives and miracles. I want to make the proper distinction in my own……..[Read More]

02SEP 2012

The Casting of Lots

       In explaining the sovereignty of God with people I sometimes use an analogy of Mt. Everest. I want people to understand that while I can indeed proclaim the absolute sovereignty of God from the Bible, I myself still remain in awe of it. God remains far beyond my imagination in every way.……..[Read More]