ARCHIVE OF October - 2012

20OCT 2012

The Beggarly God

       By the methodologies and worldly theologies of many rock star leaders in churches today, Jesus has been reduced to a bare minimum. Christianity has been reduced to a set of truths necessary to get to heaven when you die, and not necessarily intimate discipleship under God. Altar calls by the thousands carelessly……..[Read More]

14OCT 2012

What Is He To You?

       The Muslims call the Christian faith a blasphemous lie. They say that calling Jesus the Son of God is an insult to God. Surah 4:171; 5:72-75, et al. They deny the Trinity and say that Christians will be in hell. A Mohammedan fails to find in Jesus a nature worthy of adoration……..[Read More]

08OCT 2012

Reflections on the Gift of Faith

       A solid understanding of all that we rightly call “salvation” is that regeneration (a precise term) precedes everything of spiritual good in a Christian’s life. Regeneration is what being “born again” is. Until a man is born again he cannot truly follow Jesus, John 3:3-8.      I very recently listened again……..[Read More]