ARCHIVE OF October - 2012

28OCT 2012

All of the Attributes of God Are Perfect, Even His Hate

       God is perfect in every way. God is perfect in His hatred for the wicked. God hates sin. The perfection of God was once defined by Ravi Zacharias as follows: “God is the only being in existence whose reason for existence is within Himself.” God never changes. Things only change because they’re……..[Read More]

20OCT 2012

The Beggarly God

       By the methodologies and worldly theologies of many rock star leaders in churches today, Jesus has been reduced to a bare minimum. Christianity has been reduced to a set of truths necessary to get to heaven when you die, and not necessarily intimate discipleship under God. Altar calls by the thousands carelessly……..[Read More]

14OCT 2012

What Is He To You?

       The Muslims call the Christian faith a blasphemous lie. They say that calling Jesus the Son of God is an insult to God. Surah 4:171; 5:72-75, et al. They deny the Trinity and say that Christians will be in hell. A Mohammedan fails to find in Jesus a nature worthy of adoration……..[Read More]

08OCT 2012

Reflections on the Gift of Faith

       A solid understanding of all that we rightly call “salvation” is that regeneration (a precise term) precedes everything of spiritual good in a Christian’s life. Regeneration is what being “born again” is. Until a man is born again he cannot truly follow Jesus, John 3:3-8.      I very recently listened again……..[Read More]