22NOV 2023

Judgment Considering Judgment

If you’re a disciple of Jesus, you’ve just got to love the Apostle Peter. I firmly believe that when Paul says God gave “…some as apostles, and some as prophets, and some as evangelists, and some as pastors and teachers” to equip and perpetuate the church, that for me today it means I have the inspired letters of numerous Apostles. Their……..[Read More]

09NOV 2023

Satanic Schemes in Forgiveness and Christlikeness

You and I have three main foes if we’re children of God. We have three enemies- the world, the devil, and the flesh. 1) There is the world. It’s fallen. Its influences on us are not inherently upward. They’re downward. Might be the gentle slope of mere over-indulgence or selfish laziness. Might be the grossest……..[Read More]

26OCT 2023

The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ in America

I’m a modern American Christian thinking about the church today as a middle-aged man who was raised in a nominal Christian home and who’s now, by God’s grace, a believer, husband, dad, friend, and servant to all I can. These are some scattered thoughts on the state of the church in my country today from……..[Read More]

13OCT 2023

The Modern Man

I just watched a video of a young man saying that he is OK with murdering children up to three months after they’re born. Watch the video if the Facebook link works. Even if it doesn’t, you’ve already met this guy many times in your life already. You work with him, you go to school……..[Read More]

23SEP 2023

How We Hold the Word Matters

“It is written” is a phrase that should mean as much to us today as it did to Jesus before his death. We can and should learn to believe this and even quote it in our lives as things arise. Jesus held a view of inspiration that you and I should learn to hold. Jesus……..[Read More]

10SEP 2023

Simeon, My Favorite Flat Character in the Bible

A flat character in theater is a character that lacks complexity or depth. We’re not given much detail on them. You might have heard the term “supporting actor.” Some supporting actors have a huge impact on a story, while others may have very little. We hear of the man Simeon only once in the word,……..[Read More]

03SEP 2023

The Main Point

“For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes.” Romans 10:4. The word translated “end” here is the Greek word “Telos” (τέλος). The word does not have a massive semantic domain, meaning it isn’t translated in too many ways, but it does have a few ways it can be translated in English. One way it’s used……..[Read More]

29AUG 2023

God the Sculptor

Michaelangelo was an incredible sculptor. He did many things, but his sculpting by far most captures my awe. Anyone who’s seen his work is amazed by the skill and patience it must have taken to create it. He’s recorded to have said of one of his works: “I saw the angel in the marble and……..[Read More]

08AUG 2023

The Weight of the Message

Where’s the weight? In my heart, how can I bear to tell another man or woman they’re going to be condemned before God and not weep for them? Even if my eyes never actually get wet, where’s the weight on my heart? Jeremiah was not known as the “aloof prophet.” We call him the “weeping……..[Read More]

29JUL 2023

Assuring Your Heart Before God

It is the cherishing of God himself from the heart that makes all the difference. It’s the very fact that a person has been kept near to God by God himself that will preserve him in life over the long run and assure his heart before God. But God does this through various means. I……..[Read More]

03JUL 2023

When I Cannot See God

There have been a lot of ups and downs in my life. We all have them I know. I have wept in overflows of emotion a solid handful of times out of the overflow of my love toward God and his covenant with me pulling off the side of the road in tears that my……..[Read More]

25JUN 2023

Judgment and the Christian

Is it true that as Christians we’re not to judge anyone? We hear it all the time, right? “Judge not” people say. Everyone, no matter how worldly, seems to have studied this passage carefully. They’re like Jack Van Impe with it (some of you will get that). Are Christians called to judge anyone? Do only……..[Read More]

11JUN 2023

Understanding What Atonement Really Means

A set of ten-year-old fellas helped me see the Gospel a hundred times clearer this week. I wanted to share some initially processed thoughts as a result. As I began to share with them how Jesus’ Cross is a ransom for sinners, a boy named Andrew said, “I don’t think anyone should be able to……..[Read More]

08JUN 2023

Seeing and Believing

God’s salvation does not depend on seeing a thing. Life itself is an invisible force. No one can invent even a grain of sand from nothing. It’s all just here by divine fiat. Not a single human eye saw the heavens and the earth materialize, yet it’s all present. Think of just how few people……..[Read More]