The Sovereign Promise of John The Baptist (32 min)

Title: The Sovereign Promise of John The Baptist (32 min)
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Many people today insist that the will of man is completely free, and that because of this, God is unable to control them or to direct the wills of men as he sees fit. They insist that God always asks permission first. Freedom, they say, is what makes love what it truly is. As we consider the person of John The Baptist, however, we see that God was so involved with the details of his calling that his role as the promised messenger before Jesus became a matter of God either keeping his word or failing to bring it to pass. John’s life and ministry was prophesied both in the Old Testament through Isaiah, and to his father in the New Testament. The implications this has on the sovereignty of God are very profound. John, without possibility of failure, would be the forerunner of Jesus. This was determined without consulting John.

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