The Religion Only Possible In Our Day (30 min)

Title: The Religion Only Possible In Our Day (30 min)
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Every generation has its challenges. Ours is no exception. I’ll never forget reading about Augustine’s struggles with the gladiatorial games in his day (AD 354-430). How he said that he wanted to go inside and watch, but knew that he shouldn’t as a believer. My point is that he had to war against sin in his heart and day exactly as believers know that they must today. I’d like to talk to you today about four factors that combine in our day in a way that- while some parts of some of them can be a blessing- make the idolatries of modern culture possible. The factors are: technology, naturalism (Darwinism), pluralism, and stuff. By examining them, we can consider the answer to the problems they create in and around us today. I hope it’s a blessing to you!

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