The Full Counsel of God (78 min)

Title: The Full Counsel of God (78 min)
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What is the full counsel of God? And why is it important? In short, the full counsel of God is important because it’s how we know God at all. It’s in writing that Christ died and rose again for me. That’s how I know it. That’s how God brought himself to me. It’s because I’ve been told it, but where did it come from from the guy who told me, or the woman who told him? It came from the pens of those chosen to write it in the book. Nonetheless it is the Spirit and the Spirit alone who saves. The Christian is not saved by study. He’s saved by grace. He isn’t saved by works. He’s saved by grace. He isn’t saved because he “figured it out.” He’s saved by grace. He’s saved by the unmerited grace of God being given to him in Christ. To those who’ve been given that grace, and most especially those then called by God to preach on that grace, the importance of the full counsel of God is everything. God wrote the Bible through the instrumentality of men. Why would we not then esteem his writings in their entirety? It’s in the holy writings (the Bible’s 66 books) that God speaks to his people today. God gave his word to his church. God has preserved that word. Preachers who esteem God’s word rightly in their churches should be about teaching its every part with all their heart.

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