Systematic Theology. 19. Providence (43 min)

Title: Systematic Theology. 19. Providence (43 min)
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It’s been my experience that most of the people in my life who call themselves believers are either non-theistic determinists or, at worst, Deistic in their view of the universe. We do not seem live as if God is in control very often…unless everything is the way we think that it should be in our lives. The moment the going gets tough many Christians “get going.” Very few have been taught by God of his providence and been made to trust in his caring guidance. Today we’re going to open up an examination of the doctrine of God’s providence. I pray it’s a blessing to you as you consider how you can live under the knowledge of a good and loving providential God.

Next week we will be in chapter 16 of Dr. Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology from pg. 322.7 through 336.4.

God bless.

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