Street Ministry. In Jerusalem, Israel with Moshe (43 min)

Title: Street Ministry. In Jerusalem, Israel with Moshe (43 min)
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I had the incredible privilege recently of traveling to Israel with my family. We saw the old city of Jerusalem, Gethsemane, The Mount of Olives, the Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, the Dead Sea and a whole lot more. Above just seeing the sites in our action-packed tour, I had the higher privilege of engaging a young Jewish Torah Scroll writer named Moshe. (See picture attached). We talked on a Friday afternoon just about to the start of the Sabbath. You’ll hear a loud horn blasting in the background nearing the end of our talk which announces the start of the Sabbath at sundown throughout Jerusalem’s emptying streets. Much of the city shuts down in Sabbath observance laws. It was an amazing talk! I wish I could talk with him more, but the Lord only had this time for us it would seem. I hope you’re blessed as you listen in. Shalom, Moshe! And may you come to know the prince of it.

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