Sola Scriptura and You (63 min)

Title: Sola Scriptura and You (63 min)
Message Description:

From the very beginning, even long before the 66 books of the Bible were formally collected in the 4th century, this doctrine was in effect. If you had only heard a message of the traveling Apostle, those words you heard, if you were indeed found of God by them, would become your absolute standard of truth. Even before the term “Scripture Alone” was first coined the church’s true defenders always dealt with their opponents with the text as their ultimate trust. The reason for this is simple- God gave the Apostles an unalterable message that would outlast everything. That message burns in our hearts as believers precisely because it was not the message of mere men. It is an “everlasting gospel” they were shown in Christ. Their words were inspired by God, and THEY are all we (Christians from them/then to now) need. 2 Timothy 3:16-17.

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