Round Table Talk. Episode 7. Part 1. On the Revoice Conference and the Issue of Homosexuality (46 min)

Title: Round Table Talk. Episode 7. Part 1. On the Revoice Conference and the Issue of Homosexuality (46 min)
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This conference is not without its profitability. Perhaps despite its intentions, but not without profitability still. It’s got us talking, I hope, in a good way here. The issue of homosexuality will continue to divide churches. It is a divisive issue. It is no light thing to rebel against God. Ministers who support any form of rebellion against God are more guilty of rebellion than the other rebels also rebelling. I’m joined today by a fellow co-laborer in Christ. An old friend, Mr. Scott Grady. We’re talking together from across the ocean. We want to talk about Revoice. There’s been a lot of talk about the conference in recent months since it was done. It’s a confusing message that it’s sending out. At best we feel it’s confusing. We’ll do our best to address it charitably and fairly in light of the larger issue of homosexuality in our culture today. We hope this episode is a blessing to you. If you’re a believer in Jesus, we hope it helps you consider your love for the gay people in your life. They’re a very small minority of people depending on where you live, but they’re out there for many of us. We need to welcome them into our churches and homes and love them as we would anyone else when possible. We hope this talk helps you separate from what you must separate from, and also unite you to who or what you should unite to. If you’ve not seen the conference I’d like to refer you to its three general sessions below. There are some pre-conference materials and panel talks also available online, but below are links to the conference’s three main general sessions. If you’ve not seen them it may be good for you to do so before you listen to our talk here.

  1. Revoice 2018 – General Session 1:
  2. Revoice 2018 – General Session 2:
  3. Revoice 2018 – General Session 3:

This is part 1 of a two-part talk. God bless!

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