Message 500. We All Have Need of Endurance (49 min)

Title: Message 500. We All Have Need of Endurance (49 min)
Message Description:

This is audio message #500. Praise God! This website launched back in December of 2006. It had just one audio sermon on it. We were so excited! Today, I wanted to record something on a drive I had to make in honor of this posting. It’s about endurance in the Faith. All true Christians will endure. Given this what I suppose is a biblical fact, how do we come to know it? Can the Bible’s writers alone make statements about their assurance of grace? Is the humbling knowledge of a sure salvation something only available to some? Perhaps only to the super-elite or just the Apostles? Or, can we all who truly draw near to God in Christ also truly profess things like Romans 5:1-2 in our own lives? Can we know we’re of the elect? Today, I want to talk with you about Romans 8:12-17 and the hope that it brings the noble heart. May God bless you as you hear part of my own war against sin since I was born again between 15 and 17 years ago. Biblecia is just a part of what I’ve had the privilege to do in the Lord’s vineyard. The written materials, audio and video messages will reflect my own growth in the knowledge of Jesus throughout the years, and I’m happy to have it so. May God richly bless you as you listen today.


And here’s to 500 more! SDG!

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